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SLA Member Denied Parole in Killing of School Official

April 18, 1985 GMT

SAN QUENTIN, Calif. (AP) _ Joseph Remiro, the Symbionese Liberation Army member who assassinated an Oakland schools superintendent with poison bullets, lost his sixth bid for parole Wednesday.

Parole was denied until at least 1987 because of the gravity of the crime, an adverse report from psychologists and Remiro’s conduct in prison, said Al Leddy, chairman of the Board of Prison Terms.

Remiro is serving a life sentence for the Nov. 6, 1973, murder of superintendent Marcus Foster and the wounding of associate superintendent Robert Blackburn, who were ambushed with cyanide-tipped bullets in a dimly lit parking lot.


Remiro, 38, and SLA comrade Russell Little were arrested Jan. 10, 1974, after a shootout with Concord police. They were tried and convicted on charges of murder and attempted murder.

The killing was the SLA’s first major public act. The group said Foster was a target because he supposedly favored a police plan for students to carry identification.

A state appellate court later set aside Little’s conviction, and he was acquitted in a second trial in June 1981.

After the arrests of Remiro and Little, other SLA members kidnapped newspaper heiress Patty Hearst. Six of the self-styled revolutionaries died May 17, 1974, when their hideout was burned in a shootout with Los Angeles police.