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Talk Show Host Larry King Insists His Divorce Case be Heard in Virginia

March 23, 1991 GMT

PHILADELPHIA (AP) _ Talk show host Larry King testified that divorce proceedings for his commuter marriage should be heard in Virginia instead of Pennsylvania.

But Julia Alexander King, who lives here, wants the case considered in Pennsylvania, where spousal support is required.

Mrs. King wept on the witness stand Friday as she recalled the day King told her their yearlong marriage was over. She testified that last Nov. 10, King telephoned and said: ″You’ll hear from my attorney in the morning.″

King, who also testified Friday, filed for divorce in Arlington, Va., where he lives and works.

King has an evening interview show on Cable News Network, a late night radio talk show on the Mutual Broadcasting network and writes a weekly column for USA Today.

Mrs. King, who operates a lawyer placement business, claims her husband refused to financially support her.

King’s lawyer, Albert Momjian, said Mrs. King has funds from her husband.

″My client set aside $100,000 for Mrs. King when they got married, and she has only drawn out $40,000,″ he said. ″There is an adequate amount to take care of her until this case is settled... . She is not being thrown out on the street.″

King wound up in the Philadelphia courtroom because he was handed spousal support papers as he boarded a train in the city.

″If Mr. King had been astute enough to stay out of Philadelphia we wouldn’t be here, but we got him,″ said Mrs. King’s attorney, Richard Sprague.

In his legal action, King claims his wife refused to live in Virginia on a full-time basis, thereby preventing a normal marital relationship.

Mrs. King estimated the two, who married Oct. 7, 1989, were together only 180 days, of which 14 were spent in her Philadelphia condo, 46 in his Arlington apartment and 120 on the road.

The Common Pleas Court judge promised a decision on the jurisdictional matter next week, possibly Monday.