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Former Pilot for Iran’s Parliament Speaker Slain

January 17, 1987 GMT

HAMBURG, West Germany (AP) _ Two gunmen shot and killed the former pilot for the the speaker of Iran’s Parliament, Hashemi Rafsanjani, in this northern port city Friday, police reported.

They identified the victim as Ali Akbar Mohammadi, 36, and said he had defected last year from Iran and flew a plane to Baghdad, Iraq. He applied for political asylum in West Germany on Sept. 17, 1986, said a Hamburg police spokesman.

The official, speaking on condition of anonymity, said the two killers confronted Mohammadi on a downtown street and shot him six times. The gunmen then escaped, according to the spokesman.


He added, ″The motive for this murder is unclear, but we can’t rule out that it had something to do with Mohammadi’s former activity and his escape (from Iran).″

Iran and Iraq have been engaged in a border war since September 1980, and a number of former Iranian officials have fled their country because of its fundamentalist Islamic government.

The police spokesman said Mohammadi had been the chief pilot for the government plane used by Rafsanjani.