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Bessie the cow was listed in Ripley’s Believe It Or Not after she ga

February 13, 1997 GMT

SAN ANTONIO (AP) _ Bessie the cow was listed in Ripley’s Believe It Or Not after she gave birth to a ninth set of twin calves.

Guess what?

That’s right. Believe it or not, she’s now had a 10th set of twins.

Officials at the Texas Agricultural Extension Service in College Station say no one is sure if it’s a record, but cattle breeders agree it’s unusual.

``We’ve never had to help her (give birth) and she’s never lost a calf and that is very unusual,″ Arnold Bredewater, owner of the prolific 14-year-old bovine, said Tuesday.


Bredewater and his wife, Lois, returned from a golfing vacation in Las Vegas last Saturday to discover that Bessie had another set of twins, both females.

Bessie has now had 22 calves since 1985 when she gave birth to a single calf, a female.

From 1986 to 1993, Bessie had eight straight sets of twins. She had a single calf in 1994 and twins again in 1995.

Bessie is in good health and will be bred again, Bredewater said.

``She’s in pretty good shape,″ he said.


TUCSON, Ariz. (AP) _ Police believe transients sifting through the trash came across quite a treasure _ $37,000 in cash.

Two international gem dealers who hid the loot in a wastebasket of their hotel room say a maid unknowingly threw the valuables away.

Authorities say transients looking for aluminum cans in a garbage bin near the hotel may have found the money.

The dealers, a man and his son from the Czech Republic whose names weren’t released, had hidden the money in a brown paper bag under the plastic liner in the wastebasket of their room at the Executive Inn.

The maid said the father was present when she emptied the wastebasket into a large trash bag in the hallway while cleaning the room Wednesday. She said she thought the paper bag contained a diaper since the man had a small child with him.


ATHENS, Ohio (AP) _ A pooch’s fanny pack produced more than Milk Bones _ police say it contained about three-quarters of a pound of pot.

A resident found the marijuana and money Tuesday in a fanny pack looped around the neck of the dog, which was tied to a downtown parking meter in this southeast Ohio city. The resident, concerned that the dog had been tied up for a long time, looked in the pack for identification.


The resident took the dog to the Athens Police Department, where the the drugs and $720 was confiscated.

The dog’s owner, Shawn R. Sloter, 24, was arrested when he went to the police station to report that his 17-month-old mixed breed dog, Samson, was missing, authorities said.

He was charged with felony possession of marijuana.


ASHLAND, Ore. (AP) _ Trying to play Cupid for a pair of swans proved more tricky than officials here imagined _ they inadvertently set up two males.

A pair of swans had lived in a local park in this southern Oregon tourist town. When the male swan was struck and killed by a truck last month, city officials thought they’d find a new mate for the young widow.

Their efforts were way off mark. When the new male was introduced, the swans locked wings and pecked at each other.

The widow was actually a widower.

Last June, a local family donated a swan to replace a female killed by a dog, but actually gave the city a young male.

Because it wasn’t mating season, the two male swans got along just fine last fall.

Next time, the self-appointed Cupids say, they’ll take more careful aim.

``We are in the process of going to advertise and get a female swan,″ Parks Director Ken Mickelsen said. ``And we’ll have a sex check.″