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Teach Baraboo students about history -- Lily Nussbaum

November 16, 2018 GMT

I’m Jewish. My grandparents fled Europe so that our family could live without fear of persecution in America. My grandma turned 90 last week -- she can still recall what it was like spending the night in a lifeboat after a U-boat threatened to torpedo the S.S. Washington.

Does the Baraboo High School class of 2019 ever hear stories like that? Or like the one about my great-great-grandmother? She was shot in the street by SS officers. Or my grandfather, a rabbi in Berlin whose temple was set on fire? He ran in to rescue one small torah before the building burned to the ground.

I would be grateful if someone shared these stories with them. I’d even be happy to talk to or email with them if they have any questions. I hope cruelty hasn’t calcified their hearts, and that some of them might be willing to go forth into the next stages of their lives armed with new insight and a more open perspective on humanity.

I want to believe there is hope for the future, and I am determined to believe that some of that hope will come out of Baraboo High School.

Lily Nussbaum, New York City