Polisario Front warns it’s closer to conflict with Morocco

October 4, 2016 GMT

UNITED NATIONS (AP) — The Polisario Front independence movement is warning that it is closer to resuming confrontation with Morocco over the disputed Western Sahara than to peace.

Ould Salek, the movement’s foreign relations chief, urgently appealed to the U.N. Security Council on Tuesday to hold the referendum on the future of Western Sahara promised in a 1991 cease-fire agreement with Morocco.

He said “the situation remains very tense, very dangerous” in a buffer strip in southwestern Western Sahara where Moroccan security forces are facing Polisario Front fighters.


“Anything can start the confrontation,” Salek warned.

A confidential U.N. document said Morocco violated the 1991 cease-fire agreement by sending armed personnel into the area without prior notice to U.N. peacekeepers. It said the Polisario Front also violated the cease-fire when it responded by deploying its fighters.