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Major Killed in Avalanche Was Close Friend of Royal Family With AM-Royal Skiers, Bjt

March 10, 1988 GMT

LONDON (AP) _ Maj. Hugh Lindsay, who was killed Thursday in an avalanche while skiing with Prince Charles, was a career army officer who became a favorite aide of Queen Elizabeth II.

Handsome, urbane, fun-loving and an expert skier, Lindsay was out on the slopes at a resort in Klosters, Switzerland with the 39-year-old heir to the British throne when he was caught in an avalanche.

Buckingham Palace said Charles escaped unharmed.

The prince helped dig out Lindsay, according to Press Association, Britain’s domestic news agency, but the major was dead by the time he was airlifted to a nearby hospital.


Lindsay, 34, was a close friend of Charles and Princess Diana.

Last July, Diana and Prince Edward, the youngest brother of Prince Charles, made a surprise appearance at Lindsay’s wedding to Sarah Brennan at the 10th- century Church of St. Nichola in Compton, Surrey outside London.

Mrs. Lindsay, who works in the Buckingham Palace press office, is expecting the couple’s first child in May.

Lindsay was a major in the British army when he was appointed an equerry, or aide, to the queen in October 1983. He spent three years working closely with her before returning to full-time army duty with the Prince of Wales’ 9th-12th Royal Lancers in 1986.

″He was the perfect equerry, which means he was the perfect courtier,″ said Anthony Carthew, court correspondent for Independent Television. ″He was very good-looking and urbane and witty.

″He was very popular with the queen ... popular indeed with the whole royal family.″

He also said Lindsay was a very strong skier.

In his spare time, Lindsay played in a seven-man blues band called ″Sweatband,″ which appeared at balls and society parties. Baroness Isabelle Van Randwyck, a school friend of Diana, also played in the band.

Lindsay was vacationing at Klosters in 1986 with Charles and Diana when Sarah Ferguson made one of her first public appearances before the announcement of her engagement to Prince Andrew, Charles’ brother.

The major was playfully prodded with an umbrella by Diana and Sarah at the races at Royal Ascot last June, to the crowd’s delight.