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Indonesia Bans Schwarzenegger’s ‘True Lies’

September 30, 1994 GMT

JAKARTA, Indonesia (AP) _ Indonesian censors have banned the film ″True Lies″ after some Muslim leaders said it insults Islam.

The film, which had been playing to full houses for two weeks, will be withdrawn from cinemas on Saturday, Soekanto, executive director of the Film Censorship Board, said Friday.

Starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, ″True Lies″ tells of an American agent’s fight against a Middle Eastern terrorist group called the Crimson Jihad.

Jihad, an Arabic word meaning ″holy war,″ is often used in Islamic countries to describe a crusade. The usage in the film had offended some Muslim leaders here.


″If the film is allowed to continue, it is feared that it might destabilize and sow disharmony in society,″ said Soekanto.

Last week, the influential Council of Muslim Scholars said the film ″leads us to hate Arab terrorists defending the interests of some Islamic nations, but justifies American terrorism.″

Muslims make up about 90 percent of Indonesia’s 185 million people.

Last June, Indonesia banned the Oscar-winning movie ″Schindler’s List,″ saying it contained too much violence and nudity.