Israeli Supreme Court judge says she got threatening letter

June 15, 2020 GMT

JERUSALEM (AP) — An Israeli Supreme Court judge complained to police that she had received a threatening letter, the court said Monday. Israeli media reported she was given a security team for protection.

The court administration did not disclose further details but noted that the threatening letter sent to Justice Anat Baron contained “despicable” content.

Israeli media, however, reported that it included death threats against the liberal-leaning judge and veiled references to a son of hers who was killed in a 2003 suicide bombing attack.

“This is a direct result of the continued and reckless incitement against the judiciary and its judges,” the court said in a sharply-worded comment. “Attempts to intimidate Israeli judges will not deter them and they will continue to do their job fearlessly.”


Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu condemned the threatening letter, linking it to threats he says his family also receives. But critics said Netanyahu bore responsibility for creating the violent climate with his verbal attacks against the courts, the police and the prosecution surrounding his corruption case that recently went to trial. Netanyahu claims they have colluded in a grand conspiracy to oust him and his followers have taken to the streets in protest and to social media to personally attack judges and law enforcement officials.

Israel’s attorney general also recently filed a police complaint following anonymous threats against him, and the prosecutor in Netanyahu’s case was assigned a bodyguard following threats against her.

“The threat to the Supreme Court justice is a direct result of the incitement coming from Netanyahu. This is on him,” tweeted opposition leader Yair Lapid.