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Forest officials offer tips for slowing emerald ash borer

May 28, 2019 GMT

CONCORD, N.H. (AP) — New Hampshire forest officials say the emerald ash borer, which kills ash trees, can be found in seven counties and that slowing its spread is vital to keeping forests healthy.

The beetle can be found in ash logs and firewood. Officials say anyone moving ash logs within New Hampshire should confirm that the logs aren’t infested, ship them only to mills willing to debark them immediately, or process them before June 1.

Officials say firewood that includes or may include ash wood should not be transported more than five miles within the state, be seasoned at its place of origin for 12 months, or be delivered and burned between Sept. 1 and June 1.


New Hampshire firewood requires a state-issued variance, exemption or federal compliance agreement before it can be moved to Maine or Vermont.