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Pal: Diana Wasn’t Pregnant, Engaged

February 15, 1998 GMT

LONDON (AP) _ A close friend who was with Princess Diana less than 36 hours before her death said that Diana was not pregnant and had no plans to wed, according to an article in the Sunday Telegraph.

The princess also remarked shortly before she and boyfriend Dodi Fayed were killed in a Paris car crash Aug. 31 that she needed a new marriage ``like a bad rash on my face,″ Diana’s friend Rosa Monckton wrote in the newspaper, breaking months of silence.

The comments by Ms. Monckton, the president of the jewelry firm Tiffany and Co., followed a buildup of Diana stories speculating about pregnancy, marriage, murder, and medical treatment that might have saved the princess.

Dodi’s London-based millionaire father, Mohamed Al Fayed, in British newspaper interviews last week, claimed Diana and Dodi were engaged and 99.9 percent certain to marry.

Diana’s family has complained that the stories are upsetting her sons, Prince William, 15, and Prince Harry, 13.

The Diana-memorabilia industry also is growing _ from ashtrays to a computer game simulating the car crash _ which Prime Minister Tony Blair criticized this weekend as ``inappropriate and tacky.″

Ms. Monckton, who was on vacation in Greece with Diana 10 days before the accident, wrote: ``I know that it would have been biologically impossible for her to have been pregnant at the time of the crash.″

Ms. Monckton, whose younger daughter is Diana’s goddaughter, also wrote that the princess told her that Dodi had given her a bracelet and a watch, and she was expecting a ring next.

``Rosa, that’s going firmly on the fourth finger of my right hand,″ she quoted the princess as saying. Engagement rings are worn on the left hand.

``It is absolutely true that she had found happiness with him,″ Ms. Monckton added. ``But it was more the fact of having someone there for her 24 hours a day. She was unused to this and rather relished it. She was so emotionally insecure that in all her relationships she demanded constant reassurance.″

Three days before Diana died, Ms. Monkton wrote, they talked and ``the bulk of our conversation was about betrayal, and being misunderstood.″

Ms. Monckton, who serves on a 10-member committee that will decide on a lasting memorial to Diana, also said Diana and Dodi’s stopover in Paris after a Mediterranean cruise was a last-minute decision.