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Keep Beatrice a progressive community

October 6, 2018 GMT

Why would anyone think we need a new fire station, or the new hospital, or the new indoor batting practice facility at Hannibal Park, or the Water Park when it was built, or the public library when it was built, or new and improved ball fields for our children and grand children to use, and the list goes on and on thankfully.

What could our local elected officials and other citizens who try to be leaders in their community possibly be thinking? New and modern facilities that make our community look progressive? But some say the cost is too high, or my children are grown and gone so why should I help pay for any of it?

How about the new animal shelter without rival anywhere in the Midwest for a town of our size. A place where God’s creatures are humanely cared for. Some say a ridiculous waste of money. But it was paid for not by tax dollars but by compassionate members of our community with private funding.

As chairman of the local Salvation Army Advisory Board when the new facility down town was built to help those in time of need I fielded unbelievable complaints. The charge? Why do we need such a big and nice place for that? Whether or not Beatrice should seek to build a new fire station is a decision for those who will vote in the upcoming election.

From personal experience of family members over the last 10 years or so I can, without reservation, say I know of no other ambulance or paramedic personnel that has performed their mission in service to a community to the high standard such as the Beatrice Fire and Rescue Department.

To those public servants I sincerely and simply say thank you. I will be voting yes for the new fire station.

Gary Barnard, Beatrice