Israel does not deserve US aid

January 4, 2017 GMT

When will this Mr. Benjamin Netanyahu, stop taking more land that is not his to take? To begin with, Israel would not exist if the Balfour Declaration didn’t make it possible for the creation of Israel in 1948 and he still wants to keep taking more and more of the Palestinian Territories.

This country supports Israel with millions of dollars in aid every year, and this Mr. Netanyahu has the nerve to tell this country that Israelis do not need to be lectured about the importance of peace by foreign leaders. This man only knows greed, and the word peace is not in him.

What this country needs to do with Mr. Netanyahu is to cut off our monetary aid to Israel until this man stops taking and building on the Palestinians Territories. Palestinians have the same rights to have their own country as Israel does, to build and prosper on their land. If this Mr. Netanyahu continuous with his belief that he is the Almighty and no one tells him what to do, then he does not need this country’s assistance at any level, being military or the aid of our millions of dollars, that we as American taxpayers pay to support your country.


So please do not preach to us Americans, what you like or don’t like. You may get along with Donald Trump very well. It’s called greed, power and the disrespect for all other citizens. Just like you Mr. Netanyahu, Trump just wants to take from every citizen as much he can

Joseph Neves

New Fairfield