Bernie Sanders awarded 16 of Utah’s 29 Democratic delegates

March 25, 2020 GMT

SALT LAKE CITY (AP) — Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders claimed 16 of Utah’s 29 delegates to the Democratic National Convention.

The Utah Democratic Party announced the result Tuesday, formalizing the Vermont senator’s victory in the state’s primary election earlier this month, The Salt Lake Tribune reports.

Utah was among 14 states participating in Super Tuesday election contests March 3.

Former Vice President Joe Biden gained seven delegates, while former New York Gov. Michael Bloomberg and Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren tied with three delegates.

Biden has become the clear front-runner in the Democratic nomination race. Bloomberg and Warren have dropped out of the race.

Utah was awarded six of the party’s so-called “superdelegates,” who under Democratic Party rules represent the state but do not participate in the first round of voting for a party nominee.

“The (Utah Democratic Party) appreciates all the candidates that participated in Utah’s first-ever Super Tuesday Presidential Preference Primary,” state party Chairman Jeff Merchant said in a statement.