La. Senate votes for college athlete endorsement deal bill

BATON ROUGE, La. (AP) — The Louisiana Senate unanimously voted Monday to let college athletes make money off endorsements and sponsorship deals, similar to actions being taken across several states.

Sen. Pat Connick’s bill could have had Louisiana as the first state to allow student athletes to earn cash off their name, image or likeness. But an amendment added on the Senate floor likely ensures that other states’ laws will take effect first.

The provision added to the bill requires each university system governing board to adopt implementation policies before the endorsement and sponsorship deals could begin.

Connick’s proposal and others like it stem from the NCAA’s inaction on a policy for athletes to earn cash off their name, image or likeness. The Marrero Republican said 15 states have passed legislation similar to the measure sent to the House with a 32-0 vote, and he said two dozen others are considering it.

Compensation only would be allowed in deals struck with outside, third-party groups unaffiliated with the school. Deals could not involve tobacco, alcohol, illegal substances, banned athletic substances or gambling. Athletes would have to disclose the contracts to their colleges, and the schools could block certain deals.


The bill is filed as Senate Bill 60.