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Bridgeport PD to keep an eye on Columbus statue

October 5, 2018 GMT

BRIDGEPORT — Since the Christopher Columbus statue in Seaside Park was vandalized around Columbus Day last year, police are expecting to keep a close eye on the area this year.

“We’re definitely going to bump up patrols, especially at night,” said Police Chief Armando Perez on Friday. “We’re preparing.”

Blood-red paint was thrown over the Columbus statue in the park in 2017 and the message “Kill The Colonizer” was written at the base of the statue.

“That didn’t just happen in Bridgeport,” Perez said about the vandalism last year.

Middletown, New Haven and Norwalk also saw forms of protect leading up to Columbus Day in 2017. In Norwalk, “Fake News” was spray-painted along the statue’s base.

This year in Norwalk, a sculpture of a Native American was placed in the city’s center around 7 p.m. Wednesday with the message “In Honor of the Indigenous People of Norwalk.”

Since the Norwalk artist didn’t get approval for the sculpture, it was removed by the city Thursday morning.