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Ron Jackson: Mass murders deserve death

May 19, 2018 GMT

It could be just a political maneuver, but I’m falling for it. It won’t be enough to influence my vote, but I think the time to reintroduce capital punishment, at least in some cases, is worth discussing.

Illinois outlawed the death penalty in 2011 giving death-deserving killers the chance to keep breathing for the rest of their natural lives. Gov. Bruce Rauner has proposed reinstituting the death penalty as part of his rewrite of his gun control bill. Rauner wants to limit the use of the penalty for mass murderers and killers of law enforcement. Who doesn’t think mass murderers deserve a fate worse than living out their lives on the public’s dole? Apparently a lot of folks.

Rauner’s proposal has been called a political stunt to boost his re-election hopes. Others support the notion that too many innocent people have been put to death to ever consider using that form of punishment. Others cite the cost of carrying out a death sentence and its lack of being a deterrent to murder. Then there is the right to life argument. Although the governor’s plan calls for use of the death penalty only when guilt has been determined “beyond all doubt”, he still faces opposition.


We need only look at some recent school shootings when there was zero doubt who the killers of innocent children and staff are to find support for Rauner’s proposal. The same certainty can be proven in killings of law enforcement. There are some clear -cut cases of guilt. It is those instances that it can be argued that the death penalty is just.

Rauner’s plan calls for the death penalty for anyone guilty of the killing of more than one person in a single incident. That is less than the federal definition of mass murder which is a minimum of four fatal victims in a single incident.

Not only do I support Rauner’s plan, I think it should include death for anyone found guilty beyond all doubt of any intentional killing of any child. And as a nation that is prone to war, that sanctity of life argument is pretty moot. We have sent many of our youngest, brightest and finest to their death for questionable, objectionable political reasons. Sacrificing our innocent is not something we have a problem with. We have monuments to prove it.

Additionally, the means of putting a guilty murderer to death should be of no consequence. As is the silly argument that a person being put down deserves to have it done humanely. A murderer that gave no consideration to his or her victims deserves no sympathy. Not one bit. Shooters who walk onto school campuses and fire at will don’t deserve any compassion. Clowns who deceive young people and lure them to their death don’t deserve one iota of compassion.


Please stop the cry that we are a better society than that. As a whole, we are good; but some really rotten apples need to be removed from the bushel. If it takes 10 years to carry it out, so be it. What else do we have but time. And if it costs millions to execute a deserving member of society, go ahead. Our state has and does waste millions of dollars on less.

Gov. Rauner’s proposal wouldn’t influence my vote unless it was the only issue our state faces. I have months to decide who I think should be our next governor. But, without any hesitation, I believe any person who willingly and intentionally kills any innocent person deserves to be put down like a crazed dog. No sympathy. No hesitation. No delay.

Now, our state’s financial crisis, we can talk about that all day — or decades, as we are wont to do.