I-85 bridge construction should be finished by Memorial Day weekend

May 8, 2017 GMT

ATLANTA (TNS) — The Georgia Department of Transportation says the I-85 bridge construction and resurfacing should be completed by Memorial Day weekend making it open to motorists.

The section of I-85 collapsed March 30 during an intense blaze beneath the structure.

“Our goal was to get I-85 back open to the people of Georgia as quickly as we could, and to do so we offered incentives for early completion,” said Georgia DOT Commissioner Russell McMurry on the department’s website. “If work is able to continue at the rate it’s been going, I have every confidence that project contractor C.W. Matthews will be able to meet, if not beat, the new target date”

If the project is completed by May 25, C.W. Matthews will receive an additional $1.5 million. If completed by May 21, they will receive $2 million and an additional $200,000 for each day completed before May 21; up to a maximum of $3.1 million.


“From the ability to quickly procure the construction materials needed, to the availability of work crews and good weather conditions, we’ve been fortunate to be dealing with best case scenarios throughout this whole project,” said Marc Mastronardi, Georgia DOT director of construction. “The progress is apparent, but there’s still quite a bit of work that needs to be completed before the highway can be safely opened to the public.”

Since April 25, concrete on four of the six decks have been poured, with the northbound travel lanes already complete. Looking ahead in the process, once all six of the decks have been in place for three days, the concrete barrier sides can be poured, the grinding and grooving of the roadway surface for enhanced safety can begin, joints can be sealed and striping can be applied on both northbound and southbound sides of the roadway.

Comprehensive information regarding the I-85 bridge rebuild can be found at www.I85rebuild.org.

Georgia DOT continues to remind motorists to plan ahead, seek alternative commuting options, allow plenty of time, be patient and always drive alert and keep calm behind the wheel.