Trump’s New Initiative For China On Mark

November 5, 2018 GMT

The Trump administration’s ham-handed imposition of tariffs on Chinese goods has hurt U.S. consumers, companies and workers more than China. But its new initiative to thwart China’s brazen thefts of intellectual property is right on the mark. Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced an indictment Thursday against a group of Chinese individuals and companies for the alleged theft from an American company of $8.75 billion worth of intellectual property. The company is Idaho-based Micron Corp. which has a market value of $100 billion and is the only U.S. producer “dynamic random-access memory,” or DRAM high-capacity data storage. It has about 25 percent of the world market. Beyond the indictment, the Department of Justice announced an initiative to combine the efforts of the FBI, other parts of the DOJ and all other federal agencies into a single program to combat Chinese intellectual property theft. “China wants the fruits of America’s brainpower to harvest the seeds of its planned economic dominance,” Assistant Attorney General John Demers said. “We will confront China’s malign behaviors and encourage them to conduct themselves as they aspire to be one of the world’s leading nations.” This initiative is crucial in innumerable areas. China plans to compete for commercial aircraft with Boeing and Airbus, for example, but lacks the expertise to keep up with the rapid technological change inherent in the industry. The same is true in many other sectors. It cannot be allowed to simply steal what it needs from the people who created it and who should profit from it. In this case, the administration is on point and should be as aggressive as possible.