Scottville to discuss recycling changes

July 1, 2018 GMT

SCOTTVILLE — Officials in Scottville will consider making amendments to the city’s contract with recycling and waste management provider Republic Services Monday as cities across the state and nation struggle to keep pace with impending restrictions on recycling material imposed by China, where a majority of the nation’s recycling is shipped and processed.

Commissioners will consider two amendments to the existing contract, which was established in 2016 at a flat rate for three years. Now, Republic Services is saying the price may change as China is imposing limitations on acceptable materials, and considering increasing shipping and processing costs.

“The amendment (Republic) is presenting is just to say that depending on what China does with the prices of recycling, (residents) may get a charge assessed to them,” City Manager Amy Williams said. “They’ve basically asked to have an amendment that says, ‘If we get assessed increases then we can pass that on (to residents).’”

Fewer materials will soon be accepted as recyclable, and Williams said the changes might be coming as soon as August.

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