Starting a Local Marketing Agency: Local Client Takeover Explains How

April 8, 2021 GMT
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SAN FRANCISCO - ( NewMediaWire ) - April 08, 2021 - The world has simply become a global village. Doing business in the modern-day world requires business owners to know where their audience is and how best to approach them. Certainly, many business owners are unable to do this and this creates an opening for the actualization of one’s lifelong dream of establishing a local marketing agency.

Establishing a local marketing agency means that there is a low barrier of entry into the field and this signifies the presence of fierce competition. Proving that one is in business to stay will require that the agency owner work harder and smarter to deliver the results that will show off.


Local Client Takeover has created a platform that offers an easy guide that takes new agency owners through what it takes as they find their footing in the local marketing world. A new company can acquire the knowledge and expertise needed to scale up into a 7-figure agency in a short time.

The Groundwork: The Right Way To Own A Local Marketing Agency

A local marketing agency will thrive if it is willing to do the work and show the results. However, to get started;

- Learn About SEO

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is one of the very foundational aspects of an agency. For agency owners who already have some experience, it is a lot simpler, however, for a complete novice, a great way to ensure that the proper groundwork is laid is to ensure that the agency learns as much as it can about SEO.

Learning comes naturally in the Local SEO field especially as the rules, guides, and algorithms are constantly updating.

When learning SEO, the best approach will be to get hands-on. Local Client Takeover offers a range of training videos and materials to get newbies started on the latest in the SEO field.

- Work as a contractor first

As an agency owner, a great way to better understand the ins and outs of the business is to work as a contractor first. Working as a contractor exposes them to certain exciting challenges that spur the person to be better and learn more.

Experiencing this thrill will come in handy when operations begin to expand and scale-up revenue. Seeing as all business startups are a risk, the founder needs to consider if this is one worth taking by first understanding agency work but at a smaller level.

- Now is not the time to quit a job


The excitement of starting a business and doing what someone has always wanted to do can be at an all-time high after one’s Local marketing agency has launched. However, a solid piece of advice to keep in mind is that they shouldn’t quit their day job, at least not yet. This could put a strain on the new business which may not be earning enough to support those dreams.

Step 1: Putting a Business Plan Together

After having acquired the needed knowledge that will position the business among the top players in the industry, now is the best time to begin putting together the business plan. The business plan should be Specific, Measurable, Aspirational, Realistic, and Time-based. This S.M.A.R.T. plan allows agency owners to set a focus and target.

After having put together a solid plan, niche down the market, find the areas where most knowledgeable, then dominate it. Branding is also an important factor to consider, put in focus where the agency wishes to be in some years and how the company name fits into that picture.

While there is a free entry and exit arrangement, the agency needs the right investment capital to run on. Be realistic when setting this budget.

Step 2: Getting the Business Started

The very first line of action is to get all of the tools needed to get the job done. From the knowledge gathered during the preliminary research stage, one should already have a couple of tools in mind. Added to this, set a reasonable price for the products. Establishing an online presence and hiring staff will also become essential down the line.

Step 3: Make the Business Known

As a local SEO agency, the very first step to convincing clients to do business depends on how good marketing strategies are. Get the word out about the business by building a portfolio, investing in social media, and optimizing digital assets for traffic and conversion.

Step 4: Attract New Clients

The business needs to be seen as a viable partner on a journey to revenue generation. This is the only way to convince more businesses to bring their money to it. Leveraging SEO to rank in search, participating at events or conferences, approaching low performing listings, offering promotions and giveaways, as well as partnering with other agencies can help achieve this goal.

The agency can also offer referral bonuses, put their name on client’s websites, and lurk forums for businesses in need of marketing help. The agency can also expand on the business by choosing white label solutions, starting a blog or podcast, and sending cold emails to potential clients.

Stage 5: Retaining Clients

Client retention is what guarantees a steady inflow of income. To ensure that the agency continues to deliver results, it should make sure that it remains updated with the latest practices in the marketing world. Pick up on new approaches and products while also learning to explain the value of SEO to clients.

Strong communication between the agency and client as well as accountability through detailed reports can also contribute to overall business growth.

All of these steps are essential to starting and successfully running a local digital marketing agency. Local Client Takeover delivers local SEO training courses that will take one from the beginner stage to being a pro and a 7-figure revenue agency.

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