IPFW switches to banded tuition

October 10, 2017 GMT

Along with all the other changes at IPFW, officials are planning a new way to pay for tuition next fall.

Students currently pay per credit hour. Next year, undergraduate students will pay one rate for a course load of 12 to 18 credit hours per semester. It’s called banded tuition.

“You can take anywhere from the least number to the most number of credits but you pay the same amount of dollars,” said IPFW Chancellor Vicky Carwein.

Most other colleges have banded tuition, she said. The local change happens after the school becomes Purdue University Fort Wayne next summer.

Undergraduates enrolled in fewer than 12 credit hours will continue to pay a per-credit-hour rate. Those with more than 18 hours will pay the banded tuition rate and the per-credit-hour rate for each additional credit. Banded tuition will not apply to graduate students.

The university will also eliminate a per-credit-hour differential fee charged for online courses.


The change to banded tuition makes it easier for students and their families to plan for college costs, David Wesse, vice chancellor for financial and administrative affairs, said in the news release.

“It also gives students the opportunity to take the number of credit hours that works best for them without the financial worry,” he said.

Undergraduate tuition currently is 4,164.75 for a typical 15-hour semester for full-time students.

The school hopes banded tuition will encourage on-time graduation and reduce the cost of education, according to the release.

“Having one flat rate for nearly all full-time students allows them the opportunity to consider getting a minor or a certificate that they might not otherwise have been able to afford,” Carl Drummond, vice chancellor for academic affairs and enrollment management, said in the release. “Some of our overachieving students might even have the opportunity to complete their degree in fewer than four years.”

Purdue and Indiana universities end their more than 50-year IPFW alliance next year. Purdue currently is the managing partner of IPFW. In December, IU and Purdue trustees approved an agreement for IPFW’s governance that establishes two institutions beginning July 1, 2018. Most academic programs will be under Purdue with IU focusing on health sciences.