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Hospitals often outsource important services to companies that prioritize profit over patients


COMMENTARY Outsourcing is common in many hospitals. But when health care systems outsource certain clinical tasks to separate companies, costs can go up, quality of care can fall and patients can be harmed. 1124 words. By Leonard L. Berry, Texas A&M University and Paul Barach, Thomas Jefferson University

After India’s brutal coronavirus wave, two-thirds of population has been exposed to SARS-CoV2

COMMENTARY A public health scholar based in New Delhi explains how India has emerged from the massive spike in COVID-19 cases, even as the country braces for a new wave. 1158 words. By Rajib Dasgupta, Jawaharlal Nehru University

What a baker from ancient Pompeii can teach us about happiness

COMMENTARY While they weren’t living through a pandemic, citizens of ancient Pompeii weren’t strangers to societal stress. 987 words. By Nadejda Williams, University of West Georgia

Afghan troops sought safety in numbers – igniting a cascade of surrender

COMMENTARY The Afghan military’s collapse was the collective result of individual soldiers making rational decisions based on what they expected their comrades to do. 537 words. By Todd Lehmann, University of Michigan

How photography can build peace and justice in war-torn communities


COMMENTARY People wanted to use photography not only to document the aftermath of war and violence, but also to actively support peace. 821 words. By Pamina Firchow, Brandeis University; Tiffany Fairey, King’s College London, and Yvette Selim, University of Technology Sydney

Immunocompromised people make up nearly half of COVID-19 breakthrough hospitalizations – an extra vaccine dose may help

COMMENTARY People with weakened immune systems are at a high risk of severe and prolonged COVID-19 infections. An extra vaccine dose can bolster protection. 559 words. By Jonathan Golob, University of Michigan

Answers to The Conversation’s news quiz

COMMENTARY This is the answer page for The Conversation’s weekly news quiz. Send your proposed question for future quizzes to 172 words. By

Bat pups babble and bat moms use baby talk, hinting at the evolution of human language

SCIENCE OR TECHNOLOGY Vocal imitation is a key part of how humans learn to speak. New research shows that bats babble to learn and use baby talk to teach, just like people do. 1167 words. By Ahana Aurora Fernandez, Museum für Naturkunde, Berlin

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