Food safety inspections, March 27, 2017

March 27, 2017 GMT

For the period ending March 23. To file a complaint, call the state Environment Department at 505-827-1840.

DR. FIELD GOODS MOBILE UNIT, 2860 Cerrillos Road. Cited for torn screen on window and particle accumulation on skylight.

DR. FIELD GOODS BUTCHER SHOP AND BAKERY, 2860 Cerrillos Road. Cited for temperature problem with refrigerator, lack of internal thermometers in refrigeration units, joint seals not in place, dust on air vents and lack of light protections.

BURRITO FAMILIAR, 3902 Airport Road. Cited for particle accumulation at skylight and nonfood contact services, exhaust hood filter not in place and inaccurate thermometers.

GIANT SERVICE STATION, 1229 Cerrillos Road. Cited for expired permit posted, lack of sanitizer solution and broken dumpster lid.

NEW MEXICO SCHOOL FOR THE DEAF, 1060 Cerrillos Road. Cited for ice on condensation lines, wearing paint on refrigeration unit floor, floors not smooth and not non-absorbent, pallets not painted smooth and condensation lines not shielded.


TRAVEL BUG, 839 Paseo de Peralta. Cited for problems with cutting boards, eggs stored improperly, tissue not in dispenser, lack of date labels on prepared foods, grime on bulk containers, condensation lines not shielded, unprotected light bulbs, mold on ice machine, lack of hair restraints, improper quiche temperature, grime on trash cans, wood not painted and chipped counter tops.

THAI CAFE AND NOODLES, 3482 Zafarano Drive. Cited for smeared and dirty mirror, hole in wall of restroom, old and dirty laminates on menus and water not hot enough at hand sink.

BLAKE’S LOTABURGER, 2004 St. Michael’s Drive. Cited for dust on air vents, lack of internal thermometers in refrigeration and freezer units, sink lacking proper air gap and ice scoop not properly stored.