Sleep Wellness Company Celebrates the Launch of a New Podcast

September 9, 2020 GMT

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) -- 09 Sep 2020

Santa Rosa, CA: Today, WellAwareSystems, an online blog specializing in guides and product reviews for sleep issues such as sleep apnea, has now expanded their online content with the launch of a new podcast: Sleep Apnea, Sleeping Disorders & Why Cant I Sleep?

George from the team at WellAwareSystems has worked with the company for over 2 years and said after producing great content to help our community over the last 18 months, I am delighted that we can now start giving our audience a new way to connect with us. We have a wide range of readers, and we know they will find our podcasts a new and exciting way to digest our content. Our first stage in our new content plan, has been using our existing written content to produce audio material, which allow our readers who are hard of sight a far better way to consume our current content. However, in the near future we will be starting to create a whole new stream of amazing content for our audience. This include hosting live question and answer sessions with different guests each week include leading industry figures, health experts and everyday people who suffer with sleep apnea. We cannot wait to welcome our community to be involved and offer a place to ask their questions to experts on sleep conditions such as sleep apnea. If they are unsure of which therapy would be best suited to them, then we can be there to help and guide them through the decision process. If they are struggling to speak to their employer about their condition, we can offer help advise on how best to approach them. Our team wants to connect our community with the knowledge they need.


The Sleep Apnea podcast is in the early stages of developing its own style and form, but it has already attracted more than 500 downloads to date. This has been facilitated by various mainstream podcast channels which have featured the podcast on their platforms. This includes: Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, iHeart Radio, PodChaser, Deezer, TuneIn+Alexa and Listen Notes. Additionally, the company WellAwareSystems has plans to expand their podcast availability by listing their content both on Amazon Music, and Google Podcasts allowing new audiences for find and download their podcast.

At present the sleep Apnea has over 30 unique episodes available online at the a variety of platforms, with plans to present weekly episodes moving forward. All the content is free to listen or download and no sign up is required. Current episodes include:


  • Essential tips on how to clean Your CPAP machine
  • Understanding how a CPAP machine works
  • CPAP machine side effects and how to address them
  • Understanding alcohol and sleep apnea
  • Does insurance cover CPAP?
  • Sleep apnea test at home
  • Can you clean your CPAP with vinegar?
  • Discovering the best apps for sleep apnea
  • Benefits of self-adjusting CPAP machines
  • The best sleeping positions for sleep apnea

About WellAwareSystems: It is our mission to help you figure out the best PAP therapy for your specific needs. Our site owner has vast experience in plastic products, medical devices and product engineering experience, along with years of suffering from the OSA condition - we are well positioned to offer our advice and expertise. Our second and third in command isPatricia Watters and George Porter, who have only recently been diagnosed with sleep apnea, but have suffered for several years, bringing a new depth of understanding.

Once your doctor gives you a prescription for a sleep apnea treatment, youve got another headache coming your way. There are too many systems, brands and models out there that deciding which works for you is confusing. As fellow sufferers, our team members have made countless buying mistakes when choosing our first CPAP devices which is why we launched our community to help offer advice and guidance on this difficult process.

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