Lifelong friends work to revitalize Meridian

December 27, 2021 GMT

MERIDIAN, Miss. (AP) — Two lifelong friends from Meridian are doing their part to fuel the revitalization of their hometown.

John Purdy and Mark Davis started Davis and Purdy Architects in 2018 and have been a part of some prominent downtown projects, WTOK reports. But the pair say they have been working together since they were teens.

“I mean, we’ve been buddies for a long time. We went to architecture school together, sat and made models in geometry class in high school,” Purdy told the station.

After moving back home, the two founded the Arts and Community Events Society to promote the quality of life in Meridian through arts and cultural events. In addition to the architecture firm, Purdy and his wife own Threefoot Brewing in downtown.


Purdy and Davis both say that everything they’re doing is for one reason: to make Meridian a better place for everyone to live.

“What we’re doing, all the things we’re involved with right now, Mark and I really are trying to accomplish something. I think that’s why we moved back. We wanted to have an influence on our community and we wanted to create a place that our kids would want to come back to,” Purdy said.