Rep. VanderWall says efforts to lower Michigan’s car insurance rates aren’t over

November 3, 2017 GMT

State Rep. Curt VanderWall today said he will continue to support efforts to guarantee lower car insurance rates for Michigan drivers, who now pay the highest rates in the nation. VanderWall, of Ludington, voted in favor of House Bill 5013. The bill did not pass in a vote late Thursday.The reform bill would significantly lower rates by offering personal injury protection coverage options, fighting fraud and reining in skyrocketing medical costs. “We missed a real opportunity to bring true savings to Michigan drivers with this vote, so I am very disappointed with the outcome,” VanderWall said. “But this discussion is not over. Every time I’m out anywhere in northern Michigan, somebody says ‘you’ve got to do something about my auto insurance rates.’ I will continue to explore options to improve this system.” Michigan’s average full coverage auto insurance premium cost – nearly $2,400 per year – is 82 percent above the national average and twice as high as in neighboring states, according to a recent report from’s costs are so high largely because it’s the only state mandating unlimited lifetime health care coverage through car insurance. House Bill 5013 allows those currently using the coverage to keep it, and those who want it in the future to continue buying it – while providing more affordable options.The legislation remains in the House.