Hanscom Air Force Base evacuates facilities amid probe of truck

July 6, 2017 GMT

Hanscom Air Force Base has evacuated base facilities and closed a security gate after traces of “potentially hazardous material” were found during a routine screening of a truck, Massachusetts State Police said.

State police dispatched a bomb squad and its Air Wing to the Bedford base after being notified of the truck at 9:45 this morning

“A standard screening of the truck and its cargo revealed indicators of potentially hazardous material,” state police said in a statement.

The base has temporarily closed the base’s Vandenberg (Rte 2A) Gate and evacuated several nearby base facilities, Benjamin Newell of the 66th Air Base Group Public Affairs department said.

“There are no injuries, and responders are investigating the situation at this time,” said Newell. “Additional information will be provided as it becomes available.”