Nebraska public employees to see pay hikes in new contract

October 8, 2021 GMT

LINCOLN, Neb. (AP) — A contract agreement has been reached between the state and its public employees that will provide significant pay hikes, particularly to those working in some health care and high-demand jobs, the Nebraska governor’s office announced Friday.

State leaders and the Nebraska Association of Public Employees reached an agreement in principle, meaning it’s not yet been ratified. The new contract would include $47 million in new compensation, officials said.

The union represents more than 8,000 public employees in agencies throughout the state.

“The agreement represents a substantial increase in pay for our members working within 24/7 facilities and across State government,” NAPE Executive Director Justin Hubly said.

The new agreement would amend the 2021-2023 contract to give covered state employees at 24/7 facilities a $3-per-hour pay increase. Also, starting Nov. 1, it provides a 20% increase pay line adjustment for jobs classified as high demand and a 30% increase pay line adjustment for healthcare workers identified as critical.

The agreement also would increase overtime pay at 24/7 facilities, and provide for an additional 2% cost-of-living adjustment on July 1.