Review coming of effects of Maine dams on rare salmon

November 24, 2021 GMT

AUGUSTA, Maine (AP) — Federal regulators will perform an environmental review of the effects of four Maine dams on endangered salmon in a win for conservationists in the state.

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission announced the review on Tuesday, the Portland Press Herald reported. Conservation groups have pushed to have the lower Kennebec River dams removed.

The dams are owned by a subsidiary of Brookfield Asset Management of Ontario. Conservation groups have long argued that the dams make it impossible for salmon to access key spawning habitat.

A spokesperson for Brookfield said Tuesday the move will result in delays to the implementation of new fish passage improvements. Brookfield has made the case that improving fish passages will address the salmon concerns while also allowing the company to continue providing power.

Jeff Reardon, spokesperson for a team of environmental groups called Kennebec Coalition, said the government is making the right move by determining the cumulative impact of the four dams.