PHOTOS: Huber Group Honors Dedicated Volunteers

July 21, 2019 GMT

The Huber Breaker Preservation Society honored the anthracite history of Northeastern Pennsylvania during a Heritage Day program Saturday at the Anthracite Miners’ Memorial Park in Ashley. The society recognized contributions and assistance provided to the society by Michael Dziak and William Landmesser. Dziak is executive director of Earth Conservancy which donated three acres of the society years ago to allow creation of the park. Dziak and Earth Conservancy also tried unsuccessfully to save the Ashley Planes Heritage Park project. Landmesser owns Penn State Mechanical which has assisted with many projects in addition to financial contributions. The park includes the miners’ memorial and various coal mining and railroad artifacts that harken to the days when mining and its transportation out of Ashley meant hundreds of jobs. The Huber Breaker Preservation Society attempted to save the historic Huber Breaker but it was sold out of bankruptcy and its steel was sold as scrap.