Too much money in the election?

March 3, 2018 GMT

The Santa Fe mayoral election campaign is scaring me to death. In a recent financing report, Alan Webber’s campaign funds were over $41,000 (25 percent) more than the combined total of all four other candidates ($209,008 versus $167,640). I find this to be a clear example of money buying an election, something that seems very bad for Santa Fe (as it is for any jurisdiction, from local to national).

George W. Simon

Santa Fe

Best in District 2

Nate Downey is the obvious choice for City Council in District 2. The mountain ordinance. Whenever I look toward Atalaya, I thank Nate and Chris Moore for their leadership to keep our skyline uncluttered and gorgeous. The Living Wage Ordinance. Visionary during its passage, Nate’s involvement helped make it possible for many people to make a living in Santa Fe who otherwise could not. Bicycle transportation. Nate’s leadership helped to make it safer for all of us that rely on bikes to get around town. Nate deserves your first-choice vote in District 2.


Frederick Sawyer

Santa Fe

Verifiable success

I am a business owner in Santa Fe. The impending mayoral election is critical for the future of Santa Fe. The new mayor will have fiscal and operating control over 1,200 employees and a budget of $400 million. Previously, the City Council and city manager had this responsibility and exhibited an inability to effectively manage the city. The only candidate with any significant executive experience is Alan Webber. He is a person with verifiable success in working for, advising, and running government and business enterprises of the size and scope of the city of Santa Fe. Can we afford to settle for a mayor who must learn on the job?

Andrew Hoffman

Santa Fe

Sig for the city

For those of you who don’t know Signe Lindell, she is one of the most effective and responsive councilors. We met when Sig was was a member of the Planning Commission. Sig worked hard to help me and my neighborhood of Casa Solana. As our District 1 city councilor, Sig far exceeded my expectations. Don’t we all love it when our elected representatives answer our emails right away or within the hour? Sig does. District 1 needs a responsive, intelligent, capable and principled city councilor, and we have found one in Signe Lindell, judging by her performance for the last four years. Oh, did I mention that Sig has a great sense of humor as well? Vote for Sig.

Nicole de Jurenev

Santa Fe

Worthy of respect


Amber Espinosa-Trujillo’s heartfelt letter (“All of Santa Fe,” Letters to the Editor, Feb. 22) shows her admirable belief in the sincerity of her husband, Ron Trujillo, about representing all of Santa Fe. In the past, I have witnessed Ron’s disdain for those who do not share his background and his criticisms of us just for living here. He has repeatedly and publicly described me and other members of the mayor’s Plaza roundtable, the mayor’s transition team subcommittee on tourism and other volunteer organizations as “not real Santa Feans.”

Perhaps this is what Ron has previously seen as a full-throated defense of his council constituents, but I have never heard the other candidates even come close to such expressions of prejudice against those not born here. We can only hope that his definition can broaden to include everyone in our beautiful city. We are all worthy of respect and inclusion, and I pray that we can all see that going forward.

Elizabeth McNally Pettus

Santa Fe

Caring for all

Alan Webber is my No. 1 choice for mayor. He has a grounded vision for Santa Fe and the business management background to address and redistribute resources to create greater access to affordable housing, jobs across the age spectrum, and the marketing of our rich cultural and artistic history on a national scale. I think we really owe it to ourselves to have a mayor like Alan Webber, who is deeply committed, highly intelligent and truly cares about all of us. I urge you to look at the content of Alan’s plan at www.

Carla Kleefeld

Santa Fe

Needing right person

Those who write praising Kate Noble’s management style must not know how she reacted to the legitimate concerns raised in the League of Women Voters report on Santa Fe’s economic development program. Rather than having a civilized discussion about the content of the report, I felt that Kate’s Facebook letter attacked the league as “a destructive force in the public sector” with an (unidentified) “axe to grind.” She pledged to “combat the forces in the community that tear down rather than build up the public sector.” She added the report was like the “much ado about nothing parks bond audit,” calling it a “witch hunt,” even though Tim Keller, the former state auditor who is now Albuquerque’s mayor, confirmed its findings. I would love to vote for a woman for mayor, but she needs to be the right person for the job.

Bette Booth

Santa Fe

Not the best

I attend City Council meetings, and I have participated and observed. I recognize who is prepared and who is not. Ronald Trujillo has been overrated in letters and commentaries. I believe he is divisive, someone who thinks because he went against the sugar tax that he’s entitled to be our next mayor. I urge you to vote for anyone else but Ron.

Stacy Roemback

Santa Fe

Supports local economy

After 30 years of owning Häagen-Dazs, a business on the Plaza, I know the issues facing downtown merchants. We need a mayor who understands them and has experience in supporting our local economy. Of all the candidates for mayor, Kate Noble has ushered in the greatest volume of private and public economic development in Santa Fe while working for nine years at City Hall. Her proposed solutions are practical and realistic, such as remedying our downtown parking issues while making the first hour free. She is also relatable and engaged and she even took the time to send a handwritten thank-you note for our small donation to her campaign. With her kindness, and superior qualifications, Kate Noble has my family’s support.

Fred Libby

Santa Fe

Trust he’s the one

From 2005-12, I was the Santa Fe county clerk, in charge of elections. In that position, I learned a lot about managing and leading a government agency. Since 2013, I have been the New Mexico Public Regulation commissioner for District 3. In this position, I have learned how important it is to take complex information in highly contentious situations and make the best decisions possible for the public. Based on my own experiences and challenges in public office, I believe that Alan Webber has the qualities needed to be an outstanding mayor for Santa Fe. You can tell a lot about Alan from the clean campaign he is running. He has been all over our City Different, in every district, walking neighborhoods, talking one on one and learning how Santa Fe can become a more equitable, caring and sustainable city. When you go to the polls, I hope you ask yourself, who do you trust to do the very best job for all of us? The person I trust for mayor is Alan Webber.

Valerie Espinoza

Santa Fe

Uniquely qualified

Next week, Santa Feans will elect a new mayor. As a native New Mexican, I believe everyone has a stake in what happens in our capital city.

Like Albuquerque, Santa Fe is struggling to build a strong entrepreneurial economy, to attract younger workers and build the workforce. And like Albuquerque, Santa Fe has a chance to elect a new-generation mayor who can do it: Kate Noble. Kate brought home her global business experience and began to serve the community. She didn’t sit on the sidelines. She is exactly what we need — young leaders coming home to work in New Mexico. Kate did that, and now she wants to create the same chance for others.

I am delighted to have a woman in the race — one uniquely qualified to lead and ready to tackle the job with global experience and local solutions. Kate will be a terrific mayor.

Diane Denish


A public servant

Ron Trujillo is the best choice for mayor of Santa Fe. He is the candidate with the most extensive experience with city government, having spent over a decade on the City Council. He is the only candidate who has put forth detailed policy analyses, which can be seen at He is a dedicated public servant. He has worked tirelessly to make life in the City Different better for everyone, regardless of their political affiliation. I choose to endorse this native son whose love for his city is clearly exemplified by his respect for its history and his work for its future.

Carolee Friday

Santa Fe

First choice

Nate Downey is an excellent first choice for Santa Fe District 2 city councilor. I have known Nate since the 1990s as a man of integrity who puts people and the environment first and who listens and learns and acts appropriately with innovative, workable solutions. His understanding and skills of water use, conservation, harvesting and reuse are impressive and extremely relevant at a time when this precious, essential resource is becoming more and more scarce.

Nate values and promotes grass-roots democracy and public participation, social justice, equality, respect for diversity, nonviolence, and community-based small-scale, sustainable economics. His priorities include affordable quality housing and accessible affordable public transportation. He qualified for public campaign funding, helping keep money out of city politics and strengthening our democratic process. Nate will work hard to protect the safety and quality of life for all of us. Vote March 6.

Virginia J. Miller

Santa Fe

A problem-solver

Santa Fe needs a city councilor with the vision to think big for our future, as well as one with the tenacity, background and experience to dig deep into the weeds to get us there. I have worked closely with Carol Romero-Wirth for many years. She has rare leadership skills, as well as the ability and commitment to master the details of complex issues and find solutions among competing views to solve them. Her legal background and her deep roots in the community for many generations help her find common ground and craft workable solutions. She is a problem-solver, not a problem creator. We are facing many complex challenges. Slogans and politics as usual will not solve them. Carol can help us build a city that works for everyone. I could not recommend her too highly.

William Broyles

Santa Fe