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December 14, 2020 GMT
Buy Facebook Pages Likes - Image screenshot taken from:
Buy Facebook Pages Likes - Image screenshot taken from:

New York, NY - ( NewMediaWire ) - December 13, 2020 - Buying Facebook Page likes is often considered an outdated and ineffective way to grow a business on the platform. The truth is a little different. Yes, buying Page likes alone will not get you anywhere, but it can give you the social proof you need to signal users that your brand is worth discovering.

What you need to be careful about is where you buy Facebook Page likes from. The source needs to be Zeru where packages are sold of high-quality likes that will not trigger Facebook’s algorithm.

The big question is: Do Facebook Page likes even matter anymore? And the simple answer is yes! Not as much as before, and Facebook’s algorithm got a lot smarter to serve users content most relevant to them, but likes remain the fuel of Facebook’s machine.

Why Facebook Page Likes Matter

Instagram might be taking over the younger generation but Facebook continues to grow every year. It’s still one of the most used social media platforms with over 2.7 billion monthly active users. Additionally, Facebook remains popular among high-earners, surpassing even LinkedIn. These numbers alone make a good argument for businesses to be on Facebook and get their marketing right.

And no matter how much the platform’s algorithm changes to offer more personalized feeds, the number of Page likes you have will always matter. Maybe the equation is not as simple and straightforward as it used to be. After all, some 7 to 10 years ago, the more likes your Page had, the more it would be served to users.

Things don’t work quite like that anymore because businesses would buy thousands of likes, just to get ahead of the curve, and Facebook also moved towards favoring person-to-person interactions over Page posts.

But social proof remains very real, and Facebook users inadvertently look at the number of Page likes and followers a brand has to assess its authority. In fact, social proof became even more important in the last couple of years as Facebook announced that users don’t have to like a Page to engage with its content, so your best chance for getting that like is really to establish popularity.

How to Buy Facebook Page Likes?

You can do it in one of two ways:

1. Facebook ads

2. Instant purchase

With Facebook ads, you want to create what the platform calls a Page Likes Ad where you use an ad creative and promote it to a specific audience for a set budget, either recommended by Facebook or custom. You can also choose a time frame for your ad and you end up paying an average cost per page like.

This is calculated through simple math of total spend divided by the number of page likes you rake in. You can also buy Page engagement in a similar way, including likes on your posts, check-ins at your location, or click throughs to your website or a designated landing page.

The second, and cheaper, option is buying Page likes from a third-party service provider like Zeru. For prices in the range of $10 to $500, you can purchase packages of high-quality Page likes, but also engagement including post likes and views.

Together, these numbers add up to perceived online popularity that users feel they want to be a part of, bringing in organic likes and engagement.

How to Increase Your Facebook Page Likes Without Buying?

Once you give your Page that initial kick-start, it’s time to put in some hard work and get your content delivered to more people. The challenge? Facebook wants the platform to be a meeting place for friends and family, and perhaps like-minded people. They’ve made it virtually impossible for businesses to grow their organic reach with an algorithm that serves content based on 4 factors:

1. Who you are as a content creator, and if you interest a particular user

2. The performance of your post among users

3. The type of content you post

4. And how recent your post is

The first two factors are the hardest to match, and there is really only one way to do it: Posting content that your target audience wants. You also want to optimize your Page and maximize the available real estate. We discuss 5 strategies in this post.

1. Complete your Page

This might sound obvious but you’d be surprised how many businesses fail to leverage all the real estate Facebook puts at their disposal. You don’t want to fill out just the basics; You want to use every feature, including the designated spaces where you can put in your website URL, Twitter handle, buttons to your other social media accounts and even things like your email, phone number and physical address.

There is also the lesser-known information that you can include on your Page, like Jobs, and always make sure you include some key terms related to your niche.

Then, of course, your profile picture should be immediately recognizable and iconic, and do fill out a caption for it, and a link.

2. Leverage your employees and friends

Like we mentioned, for a couple of years now, Facebook has been moving to make its platform a place for family and friends, and having your real-life friends like your Page and consistently interact with it can move you to that category.

Your real-life connections aside, you can also ask your followers on Twitter and Instagram to like your Facebook Page for more great content, or you can include a CTA at the bottom of your newsletters as well.

If you invest in print media, like a business card or quarterly brochure, those are also great places to include your Facebook URL and inform people that you have a Page they can like and follow.

3. Content, content, content

Once your Page is filled out and you’ve gotten as many Likes as you could by asking the people you know, it’s time to let your content do the talking. This starts with sharing useful posts that people would want to engage with, like instructional videos, quotes, fun facts, and of course, memes.

According to a research by Boston University, the #1 reason why people use Facebook is to feel like they belong, and this is something you can leverage as a marketer. Create the feel of a community, or better still, an exclusive club that people will want to be a part of, and the best way to do that is to convey values that your target audience will resonate with.

A few years ago, the New York Times also did a research on why people share content online, and they discovered that people want to bring value and entertainment to each other, and also to some extent, define themselves to others.

The more you post content that lets people do that, the more you’ll rake in those likes, which is the way Facebook users convey their acceptance of a message.

4. Engage

One thing that will never change about Facebook is that it is a social media network, and to get anywhere, you’ll need to be social. This means posting great content is not enough; You’ll also need to engage with the people who follow you.

The easiest way to start a conversation on Facebook is to ask a question with your posts. You can also think Q&A sessions or interactive contests. These work particularly well when combined with live streaming, a feature that Facebook launched as recently as April 2016 so you know they are invested in it.

In fact, Facebook Live videos rank better, and that’s something Facebook announced itself.

5. Time your posts

A factor Facebook uses to serve content to its users is recency, so finding the right time to post your content is important. According to statistics, people spend an average of 35 minutes on the platform every day, and you need to find the window when your target audience is active.

This means identifying when engagement is highest on your current content, and you can couple that with your audience metrics from Facebook Insights. The biggest spikes tend to occur on weekdays at 11:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m., but of course, that’s not a strict rule.

In conclusion

The number of Page likes you have on Facebook is not just a vanity metric. A carefully curated audience can increase the visibility of your posts and ultimately lead more traffic to your website or down your sales funnel.

The trick is to get a decent number of Page likes to begin with so people can be inspired to turn into your brand ambassadors. Just make sure you’re buying real likes and not a bot farm that Facebook can easily weed out.

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