Truck found but trucker still missing in Stamford

March 1, 2018 GMT

STAMFORD-Police are looking for a trucker who parked his big rig on Stamford’s West Side and then disappeared.

On Wednesday afternoon the man’s girlfriend filed a missing persons compliant for 56-year-old Christopher Wofford and the car she lent him on Sunday.

Wofford is six-foot two inches tall and about 190 pounds with gray hair and brown eyes.

Police were notified by his tucking company Monday afternoon that Wofford’s truck and trailer were 24 hours past due. The truck was to be offloaded somewhere in Stamford.

Lt. Tom Barcello said that the trucking company reported that a GPS in the 18-wheeler showed was showing it was sitting near Jackie Robinson Park and the company asked that a police officer go over a do a welfare check on the driver.

The huge truck with its sleeper cab was easy to find, parked at 350 West Main Street but the driver was nowhere to be seen. Police got a line on the driver’s girlfriend, who said she saw him on Sunday. On Tuesday woman said Wofford took her car and hasn’t been heard of since.

“We are trying to locate Mr. Wofford for his well being. It is a little odd that he would just leave the truck there and disappear,” Barcello said.

Anyone with information on where Wofford may be is asked to call 201 977-4421.