Volkswagen to pay NH $1.15M in emissions-related settlement

September 29, 2021 GMT

CONCORD, N.H. (AP) — Volkswagen Group of America and related companies are going to pay the state of New Hampshire $1.15 million in a settlement for the use of devices on some diesel vehicles that resulted in excess emissions of nitrogen oxides, the state attorney general’s office said.

Volkswagen had installed software in the vehicles that turned off emissions controls, the office said. At times, this resulted in nitrogen oxide emissions estimated to be more than 30 times the allowed limit.

The settlement resolves the last case between Volkswagen and the state related to the devices, which were discovered in 2015. That resulted in a settlement of about $204 million to New Hampshire in the form of an environmental trust fund, civil penalties for violations of consumer protection laws, and relief to vehicle owners and dealers, the office said in a news release Monday.


In a similar settlement, Volkswagen agreed to pay Montana over $357,000. The agreements entail no admission of liability.

“These agreements with New Hampshire and Montana fully resolve their legacy claims and put these matters behind the company as we focus on building a future of sustainable mobility,” a spokesperson for Volkswagen said in a statement.

New Hampshire and Montana are among five states, as well as Hillsborough County, Florida, and Salt Lake County, Utah, that brought such environmental claims against Volkswagen. The other states are Illinois, Ohio and Texas, whose actions are pending, the spokesperson said.

Volkswagen has paid more than $35 billion in fines, recall costs and compensation to car owners over the diesel emissions matter.