How the state will replace a bridge over I-95 in just 2 weeks

February 21, 2019 GMT

STAMFORD - The state Department of Transportation has released details on how it intends to replace the Route 1 (East Masin Street) bridge over I-95 over two weeks.

The $15 million project, near Exit 9, will utilize Accelerated Bridge Construction techniques, meaning new bridge spans will be built in their entirety, adjacent to the existing bridge (with negligible traffic impacts) and then lifted and moved as one unit into place.

The state used the same method to replace four bridges on Route 8/25 in Bridgeport in 2016.

The process of lifting and moving the spans, known as “bridge-moves” will rerquire the detour of I-95 and Route 1 over two weekends - June 1-2, and June 8-9, - for the bridge’s installation over the highway and onto the existing bridge foundations.

The new structure will be a two-span bridge, with the one span being replaced the first weekend, and the second span replaced on the following weekend.


During the scheduled weekend bridge-moves, I-95 will be reduced to two travel lanes for each direction, beginning at 9 p.m. on Friday, and ending by 5 a.m,. on Monday.

I-95 traffic will be detoured off the highway and back onto the highway utilizing modified Exit 9 on and off-ramps, thereby allowing I-95 to remain open during the operations, with ramp speeds reduced to 20 mph for safety.

Additionally, with I-95 Exit 9 being used as a bypass/detour during the weekend bridge-moves, motor vehicle traffic will not be allowed to enter or exit the highway using Exit 9 - it will be used only for carrying I-95 thru-traffic.

And while I-95 will technically remain open during the bridge-moves, motorists will be strongly advised to seek alternate routes.

Route 1 will be closed between Courtland Avenue and Seaside avenues, and traffic will be detoured from Route 1 to Courtland Avenue and Hamilton Avenue during the bridge-moves.

DOT has launched a new website, offering more details on the project.