Henderson launches saturation patrols to reduce water waste

September 15, 2021 GMT

HENDERSON, Nev. (AP) — You can call it a saturation effort: The city of Henderson and Las Vegas Valley Water District say they’re joining forces for enforcement patrols to identify water wasters in suburban southern Nevada.

On Wednesday and Thursday, Henderson Conservation Awareness Assistants and LVVWD’s Water Waste Investigators will tour commercial and residential areas known for high water use to make sure people are following watering rules.

Fall seasonal water schedule rules changed Sept. 1, and officials say water conservation is more crucial following the first-ever Colorado River water shortage declaration in August.

Climate change, drought and high demand combined to trigger mandatory delivery restrictions to states, farmers and tribes that rely on the parched river and its shrinking reservoirs.

Watering is now limited throughout southern Nevada to no more than three days per week based on a property owner’s regional assignment. Sunday watering is prohibited.


Customers violating watering restrictions or found letting water spray or flow off their property can face city administrative water waste fines.

Henderson conservation and customer official Tina Chen tells KTNV-TV that the water waste patrols show that everyone is striving toward a common goal of eliminating as much water waste as possible.