Streamlined access recommended for job, career opportunities

August 23, 2021 GMT

CHARLESTON, W.Va. (AP) — A task force established by West Virginia Gov. Justice has recommended that residents be able to access career, education and social services choices in one online location.

The task force will now look at ways to build a single-point web system involving services and programs focused on career opportunities and job placement assistance, health care and family assistance services, and training and education opportunities such as adult education and apprenticeships, according to a statement from the West Virginia Community and Technical College System.

Justice established the task force in June with the goal of better employment opportunities by linking college training programs with the state’s workforce development programs.

The task force includes leaders from businesses, two-year colleges and various state agencies. It is chaired by Ann Urling, Justice’s deputy chief of staff.


“We really want to remove the bureaucracy West Virginians currently face in navigating multiple systems,” said state higher education chancellor Sarah Armstrong Tucker. “An integrated web system would allow individuals to not only access resources in one location, but also be better informed about the additional services they might be eligible for and weren’t previously aware of.”