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April 25, 1985 GMT

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) _ Louise Mandrell says she’ll perform in the People’s Republic of China when she goes on a Far East tour this summer.

The country music singer-fiddle player said Wednesday she leaves Aug. 28 for a tour including performances in Peking, Shanghai and Canton, as well as Tokyo and Hong Kong.

Miss Mandrell, who starred in a television variety show with sisters Barbara and Irlene, said she plans to add to her act two numbers that are favorites in the Far East - ″Oh, Susannah″ and ″Jingle Bells.″

″I’m going to have to learn those two,″ she said.


MADRID, Spain (AP) - King Juan Carlos, Queen Sofia and Prime Minister Felipe Gonzalez on Thursday attended a funeral Mass to mark the reburial of the remains of the king’s grandmother among the tombs of Spanish royalty.

Queen Victoria Eugenia died in 1969 in Lausanne, Switzerland, where she was buried. Her husband, King Alfonso XIII, is buried at the Escorial palace outside Madrid, where the queen and her sons - Alfonso, Jaime and Gonzalo - were reburied Thursday.

The couple died in exile after the king left Spain on the declaration of the Second Republic in April 1931. The monarchy was re-established in 1975 upon the death of Gen. Francisco Franco.

Don Juan de Bourbon, Juan Carlos’ father, had sought for several years the return of the remains of his mother and brothers to Spain. Don Juan, the Count of Barcelona, renounced his rights to the throne in favor of his son.


SAN DIEGO (AP) - John Z. De Lorean, better known for living in lavish homes than for painting them, took brush in hand to help spruce up a house for the homeless, recovering alcoholics and drug addicts.

The former automaker, who was found innocent last August of charges that he bankrolled a $24 million cocaine shipment to aid his failing car company, appeared at a painting party this week for the New Start in Life Center in San Diego.

″I’m here because I believe in New Start and (its director) Rev. Johnny Carter and because I feel it’s one of the outstanding facilities of its type anywhere,″ said De Lorean, who said during his trial that he had become a born-again Christian.

De Lorean, 60, who is divorced from model Cristina Ferrare, lives in Los Angeles. He recently signed over an estate valued at about $2 million to his attorney to cover legal fees, and said he is exploring business opportunities and writing a book about his trial. He also has reportedly signed a deal for a movie about his life.

″Hey, it’s been difficult, but life goes on,″ said De Lorean. ″I feel very strong. Certainly with the spiritual strength I draw from people like this, I can’t imagine how anyone can ever touch me.″

″The last few months have been very tough,″ he said. ″But as my daughter says, anything that doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.″


AIGLEMONT, France (AP) - The Aga Khan, leader of the world’s Ismaili Moslem community, Thursday announced the engagement of his sister, Princess Yasmin Aga Khan, to a member of a Greek shipping family.

Princess Yasmin, 35, is the daughter of the American actress Rita Hayworth and the late Prince Aly Khan. A graduate of Bennington College in Vermont, she lives in New York City and is president of Alzheimers Disease International.

The bridegroom is Basil Embiricos, 36, son of Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Embiricos of Lausanne, Switzerland. He is a graduate of Magdalene College, Cambridge.

The couple will be married this summer and live either in New York or London.


OMAHA, Neb. (AP) - Willy Theisen, millionaire founder of Godfather’s Pizza, is turning 40 with a trans-Atlantic birthday bash for about 100 guests.

Theisen, his wife and their guests will fly on the Concorde from Omaha to Great Britain on June 14 for four nights and three days of the good life.

The itinerary includes an evening cruise on the Thames River, a performance of the London musical ″Starlight Express,″ a countryside tour and cocktail parties. In case the pace is too much, the Theisens are guaranteeing that ″there will a doctor of record for the duration of the trip.″


VATICAN CITY (AP) - Former vice-presidential candidate Geraldine Ferraro met privately with Pope John Paul II on Thursday, but they did not talk about abortion because she’s no longer a public figure, she said.

Ms. Ferraro described her 10-minute audience as ″an exciting moment for me as a Catholic.″

In a highly unusual move, the Vatican neither announced the audience in advance nor confirmed it took place, and the daily Vatican bulletin, which carries the pope’s audiences, did not list the meeting.

But Ms. Ferraro, talking about it with reporters, said she and the pope discussed human rights and arms control issues, but not her views on abortion.

″We didn’t have to,″ she said. ″I’m no longer a public official. My private view is the same as the church’s.″

She added that she was speaking as a public official when she advocated ″freedom of choice″ on abortion during the election campaign last year.

With her at the audience were her husband, John Zaccaro, and their 21-year- old son, John Jr., who is studying Italian and art in Florence, she said.

She said she is visitng U.S. allies in Europe to determine their views on President Reagan’s strategic defense initiative, the U.S. budget deficit and the value of the dollar. She travels to London to meet with Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and to Ireland before returning home.