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Interpol’s Seven Most-Wanted With AM-The New Interpol Bjt

May 29, 1993 GMT

Undated (AP) _ Interpol periodically compiles a list of the world’s most-wanted international fugitives. Seven from the latest list remain at large:


ALOIS BRUNNER - Austrian. Age 80. War criminal. Called ″second Adolf Eichmann″ by Holocaust historians. Said to have overseen deportation of more than 100,000 European Jews to Nazi death camps in World War II. Long sheltered by Syria. Wanted by Germany, Austria, France, Israel, Greece, former Czechoslovakia.

YASAR AVNI MUSULLULU - Turk. Age 50. Accused of being major arms and drug smuggler in Mediterranean region. Allegedly key figure at European end of New York’s ″Pizza Connection″ heroin-smuggling ring of 1980s, but never apprehended. Wanted by Turkey, Italy, Switzerland.

ILICH RAMIREZ-SANCHEZ - Venezuelan. Age 43. Terrorist known as ″Carlos.″ Linked to Arab groups and numerous terrorist incidents. Convicted in absentia of killing two French secret service agents in 1975. Alleged mastermind of kidnapping of OPEC oil ministers in Vienna in 1975. Believed sheltered by Syria. Wanted by Austria, France, Germany.

ARNOLDO RODRIGUEZ-BEECHE - Costa Rican. Age 54. Accused of major international financial frauds. Sentenced to California prison in 1982 on fraud conviction, but escaped. Suspected of organizing extensive frauds since escape, especially in Spain. Wanted by United States, Spain.

LUIS ROSADO AYALA - Puerto Rican descent. Age 41. Described as last important figure still at large from FALN terrorist group, supporters of Puerto Rican independence. Faces conspiracy charge in 1982 bombings in New York that injured three police officers. Wanted by United States.

IZCHAK SCHWARZ - Israeli. Age 63. Suspected in thefts of priceless Judaica, including 15th century ″Psalterium Davidis,″ stolen in Florence, Italy, in 1987. May have been man who posed as rabbi and stole treasures from Livorno, Italy, synagogue in 1987. Wanted by Italy for aggravated theft.

FRANCIS E. TERPIL - American. Age 53. ″Unfavorably discharged″ as CIA agent in 1971. Fugitive since 1980. Convicted in absentia of weapons trafficking in 1981. Faces further weapons and murder conspiracy charges. Said to have supplied arms to Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi. Believed sheltered by Cuba. Wanted by United States.