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Detective Mark Fuhrman found a dark, leather glove next to a wall at O.J.

March 13, 1995 GMT

LOS ANGELES (AP) _ Detective Mark Fuhrman found a dark, leather glove next to a wall at O.J. Simpson’s estate just hours after Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman were slain, Fuhrman testified today.

It appeared to be a right-handed glove, a mate to one he had seen at the crime scene, he said.

``This glove didn’t have any signs of dirt or twigs or leaves on it. It appeared a dark leather glove. It appeared to be somewhat moist or sticky,″ Fuhrman testified.

``I didn’t touch it. I looked at it. I didn’t know what the significance of it was,″ he said. ``I was somewhat alarmed ... of finding something such as this and not knowing if a suspect or a victim had left something back there.″

Fuhrman, in his third day on the witness stand, said he continued walking past the glove but ``I started getting spider webs or cobwebs in my face.″ He said he was concerned that someone might be watching him and he didn’t want to turn his back.

The defense has suggested that Fuhrman is a racist who planted the glove. Fuhrman has denied the allegation during testimony for the prosecution.

Moments before his testimony about the glove, Fuhrman said a plastic bag found in Simpson’s Ford Bronco the morning after the murders was standard equipment used to hold dirty tires.

Fuhrman quickly solved a mystery left for the jury to ponder over the weekend. He said he saw the bag in a pocket on the passenger side of the rear cargo area of the Bronco.

``It’s the spare tire bag,″ he told Deputy District Attorney Marcia Clark. ``In other words, when a tire is off the vehicle and it’s dirty, you place it in the bag so you can place it in the cargo area.″

A woman named Kathleen Bell claims Fuhrman made anti-black slurs to her in the mid-1980s at a Marine recruiting center. Fuhrman testified previously that he never met Bell. His denial leaves him no room for him to retreat. He can’t say, for instance, that Bell misconstrued his words or blew them out of proportion, or was making things up because she bore him a grudge.

Superior Court Judge Lance Ito has given the defense wide latitude to explore the alleged encounter with Bell, who claims that he denounced interracial couples and said he would like to burn all ``niggers.″

Bell reiterated her allegations against Fuhrman in a Saturday interview with the Long Beach Press-Telegram.


``There are very few people in my life that I’ve been afraid of and he’s one of them,″ she said.

Bell told the Press-Telegram that Fuhrman made the remarks about blacks and interracial couples after she told him her friend, whom she identified only as Andrea, had a crush on black football player Marcus Allen.

``At that moment he just got weird,″ she said.

Bell said she and Andrea later met Fuhrman at Hennessey’s Tavern in Redondo Beach in 1986. KCAL-TV, citing unidentified sources, reported the same location. Newsweek, however, said the restaurant was in Orange County, south of Redondo Beach.

``I pointed him out to my friend as the man who had said those horrible things to me,″ Bell said of Fuhrman.

Bell said Andrea spoke briefly to Fuhrman and then returned to the table and said ``I guess you’re right″ about the racist comments, the Press-Telegram reported Sunday.

According to Newsweek’s March 20 issue, Bell’s friend, who wasn’t identified by the magazine, told defense investigators that she told Fuhrman she was attracted to athletic men like Allen. That infuriated Fuhrman, who repeated almost the same epithets he allegedly said to Bell, the magazine said.

Bailey disclosed the existence of the surprise witness at a news conference Thursday but did not give any other details.

Andrea has been subpoenaed to testify, KCAL said. So has Bell.

On NBC’s ``Today″ show this morning, Fuhrman’s lawyer defended him against accusations that he is a racist.

``Mark Fuhrman was pursuing, dating a black female singer from (the) Prince band,″ Robert Tourtelot said. ``I think that says a lot with respect to these allegations that Mr. Fuhrman harbored a dislike to interracial couples and African-Americans.″

Tourtelot was referring to the multiracial singer-actress Vanity, who is now a Christian minister in Sunnyvale. Vanity, who now uses her birth name, Denise Matthews, told the New York Post that she exchanged numbers with a police officer during a traffic stop and she believes the man was Fuhrman.

``He was really cute. I flirted with him,″ she said. ``Then a few days later he called me. But at that time, honey, I was with Prince, and I wasn’t about to go out with any cop. So basically, I blew him off.″

In another development today, Faye Resnick disputed defense suggestions that her friend, Ms. Simpson, was killed because of Resnick’s drug habit. Last week, defense lawyers suggested Ms. Simpson was killed by Colombian operatives to send a message to Ms. Resnick about a drug debt.

``My drug use was just $30 a day at the most,″ she told ABC’s ``Good Morning America.″ ``What message were they sending me? I paid cash for that.″

She called the suggesion ``all crazy stuff″ that has ``nothing to do with the truth.″

Resnick claimed that Simpson used drugs and offered to supply them to her.

``He always let me know that it was always readily available,″ she said.