Amy Klobuchar dismisses William Barr-John Durham Russia probe origins investigation

May 19, 2019 GMT

2020 presidential candidate Sen. Amy Klobuchar said Sunday she objects to Attorney General William Barr investigating the investigators and attempting to uncover whether the probe into Donald Trump’s campaign was legitimate.

During an interview earlier this week, Mr. Barr said he understood why President Trump called Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation a witch hunt and said he intends to uncover how the intelligence agencies handled the probe.

Ms. Klobuchar said she doesn’t think there’s any legitimate concerns that warrant Mr. Barr’s review.

“This really bothers me,” the Minnesota Democrat said during an appearance on Fox News Sunday.


She said Congress should have Mr. Mueller come answer questions about his final report and take a look at ways to protect the democracy from foreign influence.

“Barr is off talking about whatever he wants to talk about politically, but what he should be doing is to protect the integrity of our elections and our democracy,” Ms. Klobuchar said.

Mr. Barr recently tapped U.S. Attorney John Durham to review whether the surveillance of Trump campaign associates was warranted or if intelligence officials engaged in misconduct during the Russia investigation.