Cuba shows video of detained dissident in agitated state

November 28, 2019 GMT

HAVANA (AP) — Cuban state television has shown video of detained opposition leader José Daniel Ferrer in an apparent state of agitation in a police interrogation room.

The video released Wednesday night appears to show Ferrer banging his head on a metal table, throwing furniture and shouting.

The television presenter suggested that Ferrer is harming himself, and that allegations that he is being abused in prison are false.

The video included declarations by a man identified as Sergio García González who says he was attacked by Ferrer. Cuba has said Ferrer was detained Oct. 1 on suspicion of kidnapping and assault — allegations his supporters dismiss as false.


Cuba says the United States is funding and directing Ferrer’s activities. The U.S. says Ferrer is a peaceful dissident whose human rights have been violated.