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Reid Defeats Santini In Senate

November 5, 1986 GMT

CARSON CITY, Nev. (AP) _ Despite an 11th-hour campaign assist from President Reagan, Republican Jim Santini lost to Democrat Harry Reid in a key U.S. Senate race.

Democratic Gov. Dick Bryan won a second term by trouncing outgoing state Treasurer Patty Cafferata. Bryan got 187,264 votes or 72 percent of the vote to Mrs. Cafferata’s 65,081 votes or 25 percent.

In the Senate race, final, unofficial returns showed Reid with 130,952 votes, or 50 percent, to Santini’s 116,606 votes, or 45 percent. The balance went to ″None of the above″ and to Libertarian Kent Cromwell.


Reid, who gave up a House seat to run for the Senate slot he nearly won 12 years ago, said the victory showed Nevada’s independence. ″Nevada is a state that doesn’t let anybody tell it what to do.″

Reagan had visited Nevada twice in five days at the insistence of outgoing Sen. Paul Laxalt, R-Nev., who narrowly defeated Reid in 1974.

Bob Ryan, a conservative Republican blind since college from glaucoma, lost to Democrat Jim Bilbray in one congressional race.

Republican Rep. Barbara Vucanovich, mother of the Republican gubernatorial candidate, won re-election in another race by defeating Pete Sferrazza, Reno’s mayor.