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Eagles Stat Man Jack Edelstein Dies

August 7, 2000 GMT

PHILADELPHIA (AP) _ Jack Edelstein, a longtime statistician for the Philadelphia Eagles who was master of double talk and once dated Marilyn Monroe, has died at 74.

He died Friday of liver cancer.

Edelstein was famous for his nonsensical speeches at roasts and charity events. He also did his routine at serious symposiums.

``He’d start talking and you’d think he was making sense. But after a while you would realize he really wasn’t saying anything. That was his schtick,″ said Michael Nathanson, a nephew.

Edelstein dated Hollywood stars, befriended politicians and millionaires and hung out with comedians Don Rickles and Jerry Lewis.

He kept stats for the Eagles for 30 years.

Edelstein was born in Philadelphia and attended Temple University. He was a Navy pilot in World War II and was shot down three times.

He is survived by his twin sister Selma Bulkin and longtime companion Amy Karp.

A funeral service was scheduled for Monday, with burial in Philadelphia.