Roger Stone takes adviser role in Canada provincial election

TORONTO (AP) — Roger Stone, one-time adviser to former U.S. President Donald Trump, has been named as a senior strategic adviser to assist the Ontario Party in the June provincial election in Canada.

In making the announcement, Ontario Party Leader Derek Sloan called Stone a friend and accomplished American conservative political strategist.

“Roger’s insights into campaign strategies designed to take back Ontario will be invaluable to our grassroots campaign going forward,” Sloan said in a news release.

Stone, a long-time Trump confidant, was convicted in 2019 of lying to the U.S. Congress. He was subsequently pardoned by Trump.

Founded in 2018, the Ontario Party is a conservative alternative to Ontario Premier Doug Ford’s Progressive Conservatives.

Sloan, a former federal Conservative member of Parliament, ran for the party leadership in 2020 but lost. He was later removed from the Conservative party caucus.

He became Ontario Party leader in December 2021.