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Cardi B can’t move her legs after giving birth

July 31, 2018 GMT

Cardi B can’t move her legs properly since giving birth.

The ‘Bodak Yellow’ hitmaker welcomed her daughter Kulture into the world with her husband Offset three weeks ago and, although she told herself when she was pregnant that she was going to “snap back” straight away, she’s realised that losing her baby weight is proving a challenge because she’s been “so f**king lazy.”

Taking to her Instagram account, the 25-year-old rapper said: “So when I was pregnant I used to tell myself: ‘When I give birth, I’m putting on a waist trainer straight away, bitch I’m snapping back.’ But since I gave birth I’ve been so f**king lazy. Like, it’s like f**k that s*it but I have to remind myself that I’m an entertainer so I’ve got to do what I’ve got to do. So starting this week I’m going to start waist training, I really can’t exercise right now because I can’t really move my legs, you know what I’m saying, I’m fucked up in the game right now. But I’m going to start drinking Teami [a weight loss tea] so it starts flushing down all the remainder and it doesn’t affect my breast milk ... Let the snap back begin, I’m going to be a bad bitch again.”


She captioned the video: “I’m trying to pee and sh*t all this lil weight on me. Ya ain’t seeing my body till i snap back motherf***ers. This @teamiblends gonna do the work !!! Teamiblends and waist straining all summer shlong (sic).”

Although she’s having a little trouble getting active, Cardi has thrown herself back into work as she admitted at the beginning of the week that she was back in the studio.

She wrote: “Today I’m going to finally step out and hit the studio.

“Cook up some new music for yaa (sic)”