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Pete King says he expects memo about FISA abuses to be made public

January 26, 2018 GMT

Rep. Pete King said Friday that he expects the memo about certain alleged abuses of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act to gather information on Trump campaign members will be made public.

“Under the rules to make it public, we have to actually vote it out of the intelligence committee and ask to have it made public. Then it gets sent to the president of the United States and he gets five days to decide if it should be public or not public,” Mr. King, New York Republican, said on Fox News.

The memo has only been reviewed by a handful of House members who say it shows that the FBI withheld information from the FISA court judge who issued the warrants, including former aide Carter Page. The court issues warrants to collect intelligence for security purposes.

“I would think that the committee, certainly Republicans, we’re in majority, we’ll vote to have it made public, and I would expect the president would go along with it,” Mr. King said.

Democrats on the House Intelligence Committee have also called for the release of the memo, saying Republicans are misleading the public about it’s contents.