Judge allows lawsuit by wrongly convicted man to continue

March 4, 2020 GMT

KANSAS CITY, Kan. (AP) — A Kansas man whose murder conviction was vacated after he served 23 years in prison may continue with key claims in his lawsuit against a former Kansas City, Kansas, police officer and others accused of framing him, a federal judge ruled.

Lamonte McIntyre was convicted in a 1994 double homicide in Kansas City, Kansas. His conviction was vacated in 2017 and he was awarded $1.5 million in compensation and a certificate of innocence last month.

McIntyre and his mother, Rose McIntyre, allege in the lawsuit that sloppy police work led to his conviction. They also contend former police detective Roger Golubski forced Rose McIntyre to perform oral sex but targeted her son after she rejected his subsequent sexual demands.

They also allege Golubski had a history of sexual exploitation of poor black women in Kansas City, Kansas, and that other officers knew about it and did nothing to stop it. In her ruling, Vratil agreed with that contention.

Morgan Roach, an attorney representing Golubski, declined to comment on Vratil’s ruling, The Kansas City Star reported.

Vratil also overruled Golubski’s claim that he had qualified immunity. She did rule the Unified Government could not be liable for punitive damages in the McIntyre case.