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Verdict In Washington Mayor’s Trial Prompts Extra Newspaper Coverage With AM-Barry Trial, Bjt

August 11, 1990 GMT

WASHINGTON (AP) _ The outcome of Mayor Marion Barry’s drug and perjury trial was big enough news in the nation’s capital that it prompted one of the city’s two daily newspapers to publish its second-ever extra edition.

Today’s Washington Times extra also was the 8-year-old newspaper’s first weekend edition. The Times is usually published Monday through Friday, while the more widely distributed Washington Post is printed seven days a week.

Barry was convicted Friday of a single cocaine possession offense after a 10-week trial that featured a video tape showing the mayor smoking crack cocaine during an FBI sting operation.


Barry and his supporters appeared jubilant after the announcement in U.S. District Court of his acquittal on one count and mistrial on a dozen other charges.

Linda Clark, spokeswoman for The Times, said today’s newspaper was being sold in downtown Washington and in newsstands and racks on the street. She said the paper also was being distributed in some suburban areas.

The Times published its first extra edition after Barry’s arrest.